Management Profile

Mr Pang Woon Ping

Mr. Pang Woon Ping is the Founder and Managing Director of PSJ Group. He started his business in timber industries and trading in contruction materials. Subsequently, he ventured into property development. After more than 35 years of vast experience in construcion and property development, he become PSJ Group mentor and successful leader who drive and steer the group towards a wider business spectrum and development.

One top of that, Mr. Pang is actively involved in community services in Kuantan district. Mr. Pang is the Chairman of Kuantan Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, who plays a vital role in directing and facilitating the chinese business development in Kuantan district. Meanwhile, Mr. Pang is also the Deputy Chairman in ” Gabungan Persatuan-Persatuan Tionghua Kuantan” and serves as an Advisor in Kuantan Hakka Association.

Mr Pang Quee Huat

Mr. Pang Quee Huat completed his academic study in Mechanical Engineering from Singapore Polytechnic prior to joining PSJ Group during the 90’s.

Mr. Pang Quee Huet plays an important role in the group’s property construction division. His performance and commitment is highly recognized by PSJ Group management. His 30 years of extensive experience has prepared him to be a competent leader in directing the construction teams in achieving high quality product and timely construction.

Mr Pang Kwei Fam

Pang Kwee Fam, joins the board of Directors on 7th July 1997.

Mr. Pang Kwee Fam has more than 25 years of experience in the field of earthwork & mechinery division. Considered an earthwork maestro locally, had been the driving force in creating well contoured projects sites and quality finishes of houses.

Mr Pang Kwei Seen

Pang Kwei Seen, joins the board of directors on 1st April 2002. He holds a Master in Electronic Commerce and B. Comm in Advertising and Marketing from Curtin University, Western Australia.

Mr. Pang Kwei Seen has been invaluable in providing expertise in the areas of finance, marketting, advertising, and sales of PSJ Group properties.

Mr. Pang Kwei Seen is the current chairman of Real Estate and Housing Development Association ( REHDA ) Pahang Branch.

Mr Gan Siew Cheok

Gan Siew Cheok, hold a Degree in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (BIM 30062A)

Prior to joining PSJ Group he was in oil and gas industry and involves in engineering, civil works and pipeline projects

He has contributed significantly towards improving the administrative functions, engineering, procurement and overall operations of PSJ Group.