Platform System

Unlike conventional houses built on ground beam and ground footing as shown in Figure 1, our Platform System as shown in Figure 2 is a modified version of Raft Footing that eliminates the channels and tedious ground beam construction.

Platform systems not only greatly reduces usage of wooden planks and formwood, it increases the speed of foundation construction by almost threefold. It is not be confused as raft footing as it involved trenches and usage of formwood.

Our first construction of Platform System dated back as far as 1992 which is almost 17 years ago. Since then, there was no turning back till at present even our double storey terraces, semi-detached, bungalows and shop lots are built on this foundation. We are proud to be the pioneer of Platform System.

Taman Bandar Balok, the first project that utilizes the Platform System. Built in 1992, CFO obtained in 1994